Torics are a very unique type of contact lens for a specific eye problem called astigmatism. Contact lenses are designed to correct vision without having to wear bothersome or limiting glasses. In most cases, traditional glasses can be replaced with contact lenses, even for astigmatism sufferers. Astigmatism is a condition where the cornea of the eye has changed shape from round to a football shape. Torics are designed to fit perfectly over an eye with astigmatism and correct vision.

Not long ago, the only way to correct and sharpen the vision of an eye with astigmatism was to wear glasses. Standard single prescription contact lenses were available, but Torics were not. Because standard contact lenses are round, they are made to fit over a round cornea. The standard round contact provides the same vision through all parts of the lens. This means a round contact lens can move or turn as the wearer blinks but the vision remains constant and clear.

Torics are made with two different sight correction prescriptions in each lens and they must stay in one position without turning or moving for the wearer to see clearly at all times. To keep Torics from moving or turning, the lenses are made with a thicker bottom which adds weight and keeps the lens in place. There is a choice of types for these lenses; disposable and rigid gas permeable (RGP). The RPG lenses are stiff, thick, and provide stability for the eye as the misshaped cornea begins to adjust to the lens and reshape back to a normal round shape. Disposable contacts are thinner, softer, and only worn for a limited time. Disposables are changed once or twice a month giving the wearer fresher and cleaner contacts. Either disposables or RPG contacts are now available in multifocal lenses.